Friday, January 8, 2010

LOve ALOnE is NOt enoUgh

Your love alone is not enough,

When times get tough,

Trade all your heroes in for ghosts,

They’re always the one’s who love you most,

It’s what you felt,

You said the sky would fall on you,

Through all the pain your eyes stayed Blue,

But your love alone won’t save the world,

You knew the secret of the universe,

Despite it all you made it worse,

It left you lonely it left you cursed,

You stole the sun straight from my heart,

With no excuses just fell apart,

No you won’t make a mess of me,

For you’re as blind as a girl

I could have seen for miles and miles

I could have made you feel alive

I could have placed us in exile

I could have shown you how too cry

love alone is not enough......

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